Finca in Garabelos Bande, Orense

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in Orense

€ 35.000


Finca in Garabelos Bande

The set consists of three houses with two floors. Its surfaces, 60, 200 and 220 m2 respectively: 480 m2 in all. They form a patio of about 80 m2 surrounded by the three houses. This patio is closed by a wall. In addition, the property includes three barns. One of them has access from the patio. Another from an annexed era (flat surface where cereal was formerly worked) of about 200 m2. And the third from another land where there are also two sheds. (See attached sketch)

Other land
Included in the property is an orchard of about 400 m2. In it are the bases of two stone granaries (horreos). Outside the price of this stone hamlet, you can purchase an adjoining rustic estate of 6,760 m2 at a very interesting price: € 6,000.

Referentie: 1148
Prijs: € 35.000
Vloeroppervlak: 480 m2
Terrein: 400 m2

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